Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Two Great Finds - One Great Friend!

It seems the more responsibilities one has (spouse, children, work, etc.), the less opportunity one has to get out and do something fun. Well this week not only did I have an opportunity to get out and do something fun but I had an opportunity to get out with my dear friend Julie! And we were all alone...minus all little ones or spouses! We had a lovely time shopping, dining, and talking about stamping! And has anyone out there ever had a homemade popover? I just had my first one 41 years...and oh my was it ever good! I don't think I should have had it because now...well...I want another! LOL!

Wanted to share two of my shopping finds...The first, the most fabulous pair of boots found in a second hand store. I snagged these Steve Madden boots for $22! They were brand new...I'm in love. :-) And this very fun coffee mug found in an art gallery. Now if you're like me, you have more coffee mugs than you know what to do with but I just loved this simple clean design and I couldn't live without it....OK, I could have lived without it but...I needed it, didn't I? (Right...) This is a small mug, fits perfectly into one's hand. Wonderful for my late afternoon cup of 'pick me up' coffee!

How divine!


Julie Masse said...

Those are some killer boots! ;) LOVED our day out, we'll have to do the rest of the town next time! Such a great trip (I've worn my jacket tons already!!). Thanks for the day! :)

Gillian :O) said...

Oh it does sound like you had fun together, Great Stuff :)
and Fabby Boots, and love the mug too, it's also nice to see your feet up and resting :)

Heather Grow said...

You totally scored! Those boots totally rock.