Thursday, March 22, 2012


So I've been thinking about this post for awhile now...A post where I share a fun card based upon a card that someone else created! it scandelous? *smile* I've read a lot on blogs in the past about people's work being copied and while I know some of that exists (where someone literally copies someone else's work and passes it off as their own). However, I also believe that 1) it can be very easy to unknowingly create a card that is very similar to someone else's 2) when we post our work online, it's hard to try and make sure no one else copies it 3) inspiring someone else is a wonderful thing! **Note** This has nothing to do with copying someone's designs, e.g. a stamp designer, that's a voilation of copywrite laws. I'm strictly talking about card/scrapbook layouts.

I have only one request when it comes to my creations...just don't submit an exact copy of my card for publication. Want to re-create a card and use it to teach a class? Go for it! Want to re-create a card and post it on your blog? Have fun! If someone wants to copy what I made? That makes me blush! Really??!! But I wonder if others have a similar view towards these things? What do you say?

I sometimes struggle to share cards that I've created inspired by someone else's designs because I wonder if there will be some backlash (perhaps not enough people read my blog to even know! LOL!) or accusation of "copying." Humm...Well today's card was inspired by this card, which was been posted on the Hero Arts blog a few months ago (PS - The Hero Arts blog is full of inspiration!) I loved the display of multi-colored ribbons and was inspired to create something similar and this is what I came up with! I really like the different colors of ribbon on the white background. The sentiment is from Paper Smooches.

So...what are your thoughts on being inspired and creating based on work that you find on another blog, in a magazine, or online gallery?


Betty said...

Wow this is a great subject and I know someone that does this all the time...and never gives anyone credit for their work, but simply says I wish I could remember where I found this. I think that is so wrong. Also people who take someone elses idea and then make a video and call it their own..wrong again. I think this subject is very interesting!! Have a great day!!

Monika/Buzsy said...

Well said my friend. I feel the same. Sometimes I think I came up with a great desing element, but later I realize that I've seen it somewhere... hmm... plus these days, how can you really tell, who was the original designer? Everything has been done over and over again, and when you see something that inspire you, you should create! I do CASE (with some minor changes) people and try to link their projects on my blog. That said... fabulous card! Love the pretty ribbons. :o) The Hero Arts blog is awesome! I love visiting it. Enjoy your weekend.