Thursday, November 5, 2009


No new cards for posting today...have been spending my time this week getting ready for the next Stamping Around event, taking place starting tomorrow in PA! We are beyond excited!! The location is just amazing, we have packed classes, and fabulous teachers!! Oh yeah, and lots of amazing prizes for our attendees!! I'll do my best to get photos posted from the event... So...I leave you with a few random pictures...First, a photo of a card I had published in the October issue of CARDS. Yeah! It's so funny the cards that get picked for publication...always seems to be the less complicated ones. I guess keeping it simple is a good rule of thumb!
Next...this excites me so much I have to share it with everyone I know...This fabulous chair that I purchased at a yard sale for $7.00...that's right $7.00! It is in perfect condition and is amazingly comfortable. I'm still on the fence on whether or not I'll recover does go nicely with our new leather couch (not that couch shown in the background) but the fabric is a little funky. Maybe funky can be And last, I'll leave you with a picture of my ugly mug...Complete with a brand new and blown straight hair cut! I had about five or six inches cut off and I love it...I can rarely get it as straight as my stylist but it's definitely easier with it shorter. Since I'm headed into my (***gasp***) mid-40's, I thought it was high time I went, at least sometimes, for a more grown up style. I mean how long can one wear big, curly hair? ;-) Have a wonderful weekend!!


Laura O'Donnell said...

you look great! congrats on the pub, and the chair. Have fun in Allentown. I'll be missing you!

Julie Masse said...

Love them all - that chair is FAB!! love the fabric! The card is so pretty and did you see that you were even mentioned in the Editor's note at the beginning!!! WOW! :) LOVE the haircut too - great look!

Godelieve said...

Congratulations Kim! Fabulous card!
Love the chair, I can imagine you sitting there, enjoying your CARDS and your new haircut :)

Aunt T said...

Congrats on having your card published. I like the chair ... it looks so comfy. Your hair is great ... you look super. If Stamping Around Philly is half as fun as SA Vermont was everyone will have a blast. Safe travels.