Wednesday, March 4, 2009

SALT Challenge - New Life

This week's challenge comes to us from Lythan and her topic is New Life. You can read her comments on the SALT blog. When I heard the challenge I instantly thought of one specific portion of Scripture from 2 Corinthians 5:
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation;
old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.
One of the amazing changes that happens when one trusts in Christ, by repenting of their sins and placing their trust for eternity at the feet of Jesus, is that they are changed....really transformed. Those who were once driven by selfish motives are selfish no more, those who were habitual liars are liars no more, those who were cheaters are cheaters no more. And for many the change is overnight. This change, seen in the lives of so many that profess Christ, is so dramatic that it serves as a proof of God's existence and His power. Not only have I experienced this power in my own live but I have seen it first hand in the lives of others.
No doubt people can create a certain level of change in their lives and maybe even gain some control over certain behaviors (although I would suggest that any positive change is attributed to God). However, it's pretty rare that these changes occur overnight and even rarer that they are long lasting or void of pride for one's accomplishments. Rather, real, deep, life altering, and lasting change can only be found in Christ. In our natural state, we are all weak and suffer from so many issues of pride, stubbornness, selfishness...The good news is that Christ came to break through those barriers to true happiness by giving us a way to get rid of that nasty burden of sin that causes us to stumble through life. We may seek many ways to be rid of the burden but it will only roll away at the foot of the cross of Christ. May God be praised for His great goodness! This creation is based upon a similar card I made for the SALT "Rest" challenge. I liked keeping with this cohesive idea of "what Jesus gives." In the first sample, here, He gave rest and in this sample He gives life. I think I may start a collection of these cards...based on what our fabulous SALT team comes up with for challenges! :-) All supplies, with the exception of the pocket card, are from Stampin' Up! Stop by the SALT blog to see the other team creations! And please leave us with a comment and link back to your blog or gallery if you create something based on this week's theme!


Hazel said...

I love what you've done for this challenge, Kim. The verse you quote that came to mind was the one that came to me, which led to my choice of song. x

esther said...

Love what you havedone with the tag, very effective piece or the Salt challenge

jules p said...

love the pocket card. and thanks for the tutorials. i love chipboard but always have a hard time deciding on how to cover it.