Friday, March 13, 2009

So Cute

Someone please tell me it isn't Friday already...It can't possibly be Friday...I have far too much work left to do for the week to be over! And I can't believe I haven't posted since Tuesday...Did I enter some sort of time warp? LOL! Really, I am constantly surprised at how quickly time passes once one has children! I don't recall my days spent in an office going as fast! OK, enough complaining about the passing of time and onto today's scrapbook page! This is a layout using another one of those handy dandy pieces of chipboard I shared in the videos last week. The star is covered in a very fine glitter that was adhered using heat and stick powder from Stampin' Up! Have you ever used that stuff? It's fabulous! You use a Versamark pad to get the heat and stick to well...stick, just like embossing powder. Upon heating the powder it melts and becomes a crazy sticking glue substance! Turn off the heat gun and dump on the glitter! Cool product, this was the first time I used it... I found this picture of our oldest - this was taken about three years ago - when cleaning up my craft room. This is one of my favorite pictures of our little munchkin. He had a hard time when number two child arrived (he was barely two) and went from being a sweet, loving child to a hard to handle wild child! (He's much better now...thank you God!) But he looks so adorable and innocent in this one but his parents would know what trials we were going through with him! hee hee All of the supplies used on my page are from Stampin' Up! with the exception of the letters, which are from American Crafts. Enjoy and stay tuned for a special SALT post tomorrow...Oh, and did you check out the new SALT design team? Get on over to the blog and check out the links!!


Beth Norman said...

So cute. You really did a lovely job with the layout. Wait until the kids are grown and gone. Time even goes faster for some reason.

Hazel said...

So cute indeed! x