Sunday, March 8, 2009

Keep it Simple Sunday

Greetings all!! I pray that everyone has had a blessed Sunday! We've enjoyed warmer weather here in the Northeast today, actually went out without a coat on, and had a wonderful day at church. Everyone remember to set their clocks ahead an hour? Yeah....we remembered but our alarm clocks, named our two children who are usually wide awake at the crack of dawn, failed us and we overslept by an hour! So much for Sunday School today! LOL! Well I have a simple project to share today that is even easier than remembering to change all the clocks in your house! Today's two cards were made using a Stampin' Up! Simply Sent Card Kit. These wonderful kits were introduced by SU! a few years ago and I purchased one back when they first appeared in the catalog but had never actually opened the kit until last week. These kits are just amazing! (I've pictured the complete kit above) Each box comes complete with a stamp set or stamps, pre-cut cardstock, ink and or markers, ribbon, even adhesive! Every piece of cardstock is cut for you...each layer...and there is even an instruction book included! All you need to do is put the pieces together. The kits come with enough supplies to create 10 cards. You can see the available kits at the links below and if you love them, you can order directly from my site: It's All About You Card Kit 2U Simply Sent Card Kit Thanks X2 Simply Sent Card Kit When making my cards, I did very little to alter the way they were designed in the kits. For the "thank you" card below I did create a different background on the green cardstock, although still using the stamps that came in the kit. I also added two rows of paper piercing...that big blue expanse of paper just seems a bit too plain. :-) Other than those two changes, this card is exactly as described in the directions. And isn't it great that all those pieces of cardstock used on the card were already cut...just love that!! The "my heart is with you" card also stayed virtually unchanged. I did use a different sentiment, as I wanted this to be more of a "thinking of you" card vs. a "thank you" card. I also changed the ribbon as I felt the grosgrain ribbon they included was a bit too narrow for the blue cardstock. I like beefy ribbon! :-) Also really love the colors in these cards, the cameo coral adds such a nice pop to the muted blue and greens.

These cards took mere minutes to create since the cardstock was already cut for me but even if I had to cut my own cardstock these are still very simple cards that could be easily recreated for any occasion! Enjoy! PS - Forgive the weirdness of my blog...I'm having some spacing issues this week, will try to get it fixed. Am hoping to be ready to unveil a brand new design in the coming weeks...Stay tuned...And don't forget to check in at the SNR site for their two week Spring Fling Event!!

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jules p said...

great "kiss" cards. very easy. thanks