Thursday, April 19, 2012

Playing with Shink Film and a SALE!

Hey, guess what? Korin's husband is turning the big 4-0 next week (welcome to the 40 and over club Dan!!) and so she's offering a store wide sale that will run from tomorrow, April 20, until April 25! Shop Sweet 'n Sassy to take advantage of these great savings!
As for my little, and I do mean little, project today check out this fun key chain charm I created using Shrink film! One of my fellow design team members found darling necklace charms and wondered if our Vintage Postcard stamp set would work to make something similar. The end result is a little too large to wear around one's neck but...
It's the perfect size for a key chain! To create this project I first sanded a piece of white shrink film. You'll want to sand the film in both directions. I then used a hybrid ink (a blend of dye and pigment ink) to stamp the images onto the film. (I used inks from Papertreyink) I used the Vintage Postcard and Friendship Script stamp sets. I then cut out the rectangle shape, punched a hole with a 1/8" hole punch, and got busy with the heat gun! Next time I think I'd use the oven for this large of a shape as it was a challenge to get the entire piece to flatten out as the heat gun isn't able to heat the entire surface at once. But with a little creative use of my piercing tool I was able to finish this piece. Once my piece was shrunk I added a bit of brown ink around the edges for my favorite vintage look!

Why not pull out some shrink film today and see what you can come up with!! Enjoy!

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Monika/Buzsy said...

Looks great Kim! The images are perfect on that key chain.