Tuesday, April 24, 2012


OK...Blogger has made all kinds of changes and...ummm...I'm not digging them!  Well, at least not at this point, it's very odd and formatting does not seem to be as easy as it was before.  Why do companies feel the need to change what isn't broken?  Sigh...I'm not good with changes, can you tell? LOL!  I am kind of digging that I can make my photos larger...although this size is huge, isn't it?  Is it too large??

Anyway...how about we get to today's project instead of my whinning!!  This is actually a page I created months ago for a customer who wanted a custom scrapbook created for their first child.  This would be why there are only placeholders for the photos, showing them where they could put their photos.  I used this great paper from Reminisce to create the pages.  The papers are covered with names for family members; Mom, Mother, Mama, etc. and then the back side of the paper has either coordinating stripes or polka dots.  The papers are combined with a neutral background, which is good for such a busy paper.  Then I used rub ons for all of the sentiments and some grungeboard letters to spell out "my" and "mom."  I also used some fun shipping tags, covered with cardstock, to showcase the quote. 

I also created a Dad page for this album but you'll have to wait until it's closer to Father's Day before I share that one!  Or until I hit another week when I don't have much else to share! LOL!  As it is typical during the last week of the month, I've been busy working on completing design team projects and not much time photographing and blogging but in a week...oh boy, there's gonna be lots to share!! :-)

Enjoy your day and call your mom and tell her you love her...don't wait for Mother's Day! 

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