Saturday, July 25, 2009

Snapshots from Every Day Life

Today...gasp...I went to a petting zoo. That's right, I communed with nature. I touched a sheep, fed a goat, and snuggled a pony. Whew...someone stop me, I'm on the verge of embracing this whole New England lifestyle! Before you know it, I'll have chickens in my backyard... :-) We finally had a beautiful sunny day, without torrential downpours, so we decided to take the munchkins to huge farm near our home. In addition to taking a tractor and horse drawn carriage ride, we saw mountain lions, camels, wolves, and name a few of the animals at the park. (Oh, and there were know those big, giant man eating animals? They freak me out...I won't hike because I'm convinced the bears will smell my fear and attack. I'm glad they were behind bars...right where they belong!) Here are a few snapshots from our day... This was it for excitement for our youngest...he had zero interest in the animals but talked non-stop about the tractor. He almost burst when he was allowed to sit on the tractor. You've never seen such joy. This wasn't a yawn, it was a snarl. This cat, about three feet away from us, walked over, eyed my sweet pea, put her ears down, and let out quite a snarl, followed by a growl. Let's just say, I'd die of a heart attack if I ever saw one of these on a trail. My brave child, petting the lambs, which were soooo cute. I wanted to take one home... He wasn't all that sure about the goats attacking him for food but he held his ground and did ok. The youngest, screamed "I wanna get outta here!" (And he was on the other side of the fence..the one minus the goats.) Our oldest even braved a pony ride, without blinking an eye. The youngest? Yeah...when I asked him if he wanted a pony ride he replied, "I wanna get outta here!" When we walked by this little house my brainy boy loudly exclaimed, "I found the North Pole, I found the North Pole! I didn't know it was this close!" Ahh...that homeschooling is working wonders... This was pretty amazing...a blue heron flew in right over our heads and we were able to get without two-three feet before she took off again. Very cool...We used to live on a lake and had these in our backyard all the time. Amazing birds... Finally, at the end of our stay, on the horse drawn ride, our little one quietly said, "this is fun..." Not that he looks like he's having much fun in this photo...he was shy about some strange man taking our photo. Poor boy...takes after his mother...we'll have to work on that... :-) Hope your Saturday was lovely and sure to check in tomorrow for a Keep it Simple Sunday card!


Julie Masse said...

Totally cute and funny - you are dangerously close to those animals my friend! LOL! Where were you, York???

Tracy Durcan said...

You guys are so cute!! :)