Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day One at CHA was actually day three at CHA but it was only day one for me and Julie!! We had a rough ride down to Florida, which started with a three hour flight delay (spent sitting on the runway). Yes, I just said three hour delay, in a you know what it's like to sit in a tiny airplane seat when you're seven months pregnant? Me either, but poor Julie had to sit there, right along with the other 150 passengers that were jam packed into our airplane. After all was said and done we were in either a bus or airplane for 11 hours with only a pack of peanuts for dinner. Whew! Folks...sometimes it might be easier to drive! Thankfully, we arrived to a lovely hotel room and were able to get a restful night's sleep. (They even had a fan in our room...aaahhh...anyone else unable to sleep without a fan? Look, I said I had issues...) Let's start with a few celebrity photos...First up is Ms. Kim Crawford! This is the first time I've met Kim, although I'm familiar with her beautiful work. I also got to meet for the first time, but didn't have the guts to scream, tackle them to the ground, and demand their autograph and photo (I just wasn't up for a trip to the local jail today), Taylor, Beate, and a whole bunch of SCS, MFT, and Unity girlies. It was very exciting for a New England girl who doesn't get out much these days... And then, who knew that Mark Montano (he used to be on TLC's "While You Were Out") would be at the show. We received a free autographed book! Ohhh...Julie and I are on the verge of stardom! We also sat for a Tim Holtz make 'n take but...I don't have a picture with him...which is too painful for me to talk about right now... Here are a few of my favorite projects from our talk through the show... Darling houses created using Basic Grey papers...ohhh...aren't they fabulous! Don't you want this totally funky lamp in your living room? Amazing stuff from Hambly Studios.
Julie and I were both ga-ga over this darling owl embossing folder from Chuttlebug. And how cute is in this copper colored tin? You know I'm buying this folder... Oodles of ribbon from May Arts!! I was drooling... I had never heard of Tattered Angels but oh baby...this is my style! I loved their products! How's this for a Keep it Simple project, divine! Edited: This adorable project is from the October Afternoon booth! Love their papers!And...ok...even though Tim Holtz didn't take a picture with me (I mean, doesn't he know who I am?), I'll post this fabulous project from his booth. (I still love you Tim...even if you did shun me...) I have so many more photos to share but I'll take a break for tonight. Tomorrow we head out to the Craft Super Show, where we can purchase products...Oh boy, we're gonna be in trouble... Back later!!

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Donna Marie said...

Thanks for all the pics!!
Some of us could not go
and need a fix....LOL
I want to see more...