Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Snapshots from Every Day Life

Let me explain...While I may have been born in Kentucky, I spent most of my adult life in NY. I'm quite sure there's "wild life" in NY, however, it's not something you see very often. I've seen a deer (once) and a frog (also once) in all my years there. It's not like Long Island (or Manhattan) is teaming with forests and animals. Then I moved to the great white North. There are animals real animals. What am I supposed to do when I read our new town's trash policies and it tells me to be careful about leaving trash out because the bears might get into the cans. Excuse me? Did you say bears? I think bears are wonderful to see. On TV and in the zoo. I have no desire to see one in strolling through my backyard! I'm quite sure that if I ever encountered a bear he would smell my overwhelming fear and eat me for lunch! However, I have two boys and a husband that would be content to live in a shack out in the woods with no running water. I'd be hard pressed to sleep one night in a tent. Do they have electricity in tents nowadays? and the great outdoors don't really mix, although I try to hide my weirdness from my kids so they don't need therapy by the time they're 12. Yesterday I came face to face with terrifying wild life. A toad. Blech...They hop and who knows where they'll land! What if they land on some exposed part of skin? Do they have lasers for eyes? I remained in doors (like my kids need to hear their Mother screaming every time the toad hopped!) while my husband and boys investigated the toad. I could barely watch as my youngest basically laid down next to the toad and tried to give it a big bear hug. I couldn't watch...I mean what if the toad had fangs and tried attacking my precious boy! I have issues. My hubby did manage to grab a couple great photos of their National Geographic moment while I cowered in a corner of the kitchen praying for the toad's demise. At least they made it out alive....No one was biten or attacked by the toad. It's good to have made it through another day living in the wilderness. (And no jokes from my friends who live in even more remote areas...I admire your ability to actually leave the house each day!) Enjoy your Wednesday and may you avoid injury from any attack toads...


beth norman said...

I have to admit that I was such a tomboy and used to go salamander hunting in the woods on my property. I hunted under logs to catch one to keep as a pet.

Julie Masse said...

Ok you just crack me up!!! You should have been here 2 weeks ago as we watched a toad being eaten by a grass snake in our backyard . . . eeewwww!!! LOL! :)

jules p said... and I should be sisters. I can't stand some of God's little critters.
We have an army of little lizzards around our house. YIKES! I scream if one gets into the house. I have actually called my 72 year old mom to drive over, unlock my door (I am petrified on the couch) to catch one that came in. :)
So... I totally understand what you are saying!