Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Decorative Tags

I don't often make tags instead of cards but I should probably change that habit as creating big tags are just as much fun as cards and could actually be used as a type of card as well as something to attach onto a gift. I have a few tag photos in the archives and this is the first one I have to share. This adorable bird image is from Odd Bird Planet as well as the cute, swirly sentiment. I love the tiny heart included with the image. Give you an opportunity to add just a hint of color along side the black lettering. If memory serves me correctly, the paper is Basic Grey, flower is from Stampin' Up! and has been died yellow (it started out white), and the ribbon is from my jar of misc. ribbons I have stashed in the craft room. (I save any and all ribbons, including those found on presents!) :-) Enjoy!! PS - Jules asked if I would share the cupcake template from the card posted below and yes, I'd be happy to Jules! Give me a few days as I have a huge amount of design work due this week but I'll get to it asap! PSS - And Sharon wanted to know if I'd be posting dust bunnies and pencil shavings as blog candy since that's what she finds when cleaning her stamping space! (Me too!!) First, Sharon, I laughed out loud when I read your message - too funny! And second, I really do plan on giving away stamping product and supplies! Hoping to have the first candy posted over the weekend so stay tuned...

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