Friday, January 30, 2015

Life Book Lesson #4

Just a quick post today...our entire household has come down with the stinks and we all feel awful.  I feel slightly less awful right now so I'm taking this opportunity to try and get a little bit of work and posting done before going back to my recovery spot on the couch.

This was our fourth lesson, a mini lesson, and let me tell was hard!  The face was actually the easiest part and I love this style...super quick and easy, not too fussy, just perfect.  Adding a body was a whole other issue!  The script around her waist reads "this was hard!" LOL!  I got the proportions all wrong the first time and I had to gesso over everything but her head and start again.  The second time around was better, but still could still use some work.  I did really enjoy the lesson and the look of this girl so my message to myself is to "be brave" and try another ballerina girl again in the future!

Enjoy!  And now...back to the couch...

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Merrylion said...

Absolutely adorable. Well Done.