Saturday, January 3, 2015

Life Book 2015

A few months ago I made the decision to sign up for Life Book 2015.  My decision was made after taking another online class where Tamara Laporte was an instructor.  I really loved Tam's approach to teaching and felt that I learned a lot about making faces and adding details.  This was our first week's challenge and I spent a good portion of January 1, 2015 creating ART!

I had a great time creating my girl and while there are many areas that could be improved, I'm excited that I stuck with it and completed the piece.  The page was created using graphite and Stabilo pencils and paints from Dina Wakley, PaperArtsy, and Golden.  I also added some chunky glitter that has been living in my stash for many years (I knew I'd use it eventually! LOL!)  The other fun thing I used was a tiny alphabet stamp set that I purchased years ago for next to nothing.  It's one of those sets I consider dumping every time I clean my studio.  So glad I didn't because they were perfect for adding my my own sentiment, or more precisely Scripture text (from Proverbs).  Here's my completed piece...Enjoy!

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