Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week in the Life

I've been having a grand 'ol time taking lots of photos (close to 100 a day) for my Week in the Life project. I've stumbled upon a few other bloggers out there who are doing the same thing and it's been a blast to see their photos from each day. It's been two days since I've posted my photos and I have so many to choose from! I picked a few of my favorites to share today. We'll start with our lunch journey this week. My hubby works from home so every once in a while we all go out to lunch together. We had some beautiful weather this week and decided it was high time we went to the "playground" Burger King for lunch. (Yes, we indulged in bad for you food...and it was delicious! LOL!) Little C ate with his crown over his eyes because it was "too sunny!"And then it was on to the playground, which is three stories high and full of tubes and slides...very fun! This was a big day for Little C, it was the first time he ventured to the second story and down the slide.
Bean, who has always been rather cautious, seems to be our fearless one when it comes to jungle gyms...which makes Mom kind of nervous. You can see Little C here...playing with his favorite thing, the steering wheel! Playing with Iron Man...toy from their kid's meal. My one attempt at creating this week...I only ended up organizing...see below...
This is my huge brainstorm that I came with last night! I had all these random acrylic stamps that had no real storage space. I realized they were all in bags that could be hung on a hook, however, I have a tiny craft room and didn't want to clutter up the walls so...I attached small nails to the inside of my giant storage closet and ta-da, instant storage that can't be seen!! I was so excited! And now that I've hung the stamp sets, I'm thinking about what else I can hang on the doors!! Who I woke up to yesterday morning...This is "Meow", Bean's stuffed teddy, who has been his best buddy for the past five years. He is at the point that Meow stays upstairs during the day and is only snuggled at bedtime. There was a time when he didn't move without Meow firmly held in his hands.
Here's my Beanie-Boy early yesterday morning listening to his Narnia CD's. We found these Barnes & Noble and it includes an audio versio of the entire Narnia series. They are so well done, complete with music and different character voices. We gave him this for his birthday and for the first three days he spent hours just lying on our bed listening to the stories.
A fun afternoon spent outside driving the new Lighting McQueen Power Wheels car!! Little C's response to the new car, "I can’t believe we have a real Lightning McQueen.. I’m so happy I could scream!" (My hubby buys and sells custom Power Wheels and parts so he picks these up whenever someone is giving them away...He got this one for a mere $20!) The line up of current Power Wheels in our garage. Most of them will be fixed and sold by the end of the summer but it sure makes for fun play time while they're here! The only's impossible to grow grass when two little boys are driving all over the yard during the day!
Bean finishing up his third quarter exam...I homeschool so my dining room table is always covered with schoolbooks (and toys)!
This was a highlight to my week...My first letter from our sponsored child in the Dominican Republic. It made me teary...
Dinner ingredients...Last year I subscribed to a Martha Stewart magazine, Everyday Food. I think the subscription cost was $10. for the year and honestly, this is one of the best food magazines I have ever read. The recipes are geared towards busy Moms and one of the magazine's features is a week of menus complete with a shopping list. Almost all of the recipes can be made in about 30 minutes and they taste amazing! Using a recipe, I made my first ever risotto and it rocked!! :-) This week we had this quick and easy sausage meatballs and pasta...yummy! We'll use the left over meatballs to make calzones tonight!
The boys had their hair cut this week and here is my sweetie boy playing with my camera. He loves to take photos!
Bedtime story with Dad...Another Narnia book. The Narnia series is absolutely one of Bean's favorites. About two years ago we read all eight books together...It's a great series, something even adults can really enjoy! This is a book I picked up for him when he was sick last week....A super $5. deal at the grocery store!
And this was the surprise my hubby picked up for me when he went to the grocery store. WooHoo! We watched it last night...great movie! Enjoy your weekend!!

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