Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week in the Life

I've been following Ali Edwards for years now...I love to see the pictures of her kids (they're so cute!) and I follow her projects but, well, I'm not a scrapbooker. Oh, I've made a few mini books here and there but overall the idea of scrapbooking just plain overwhelms me, although Ali definitely inspires folks to keep it simple...I like that! Ali has been creating Week or Month in the Life for awhile now and while I love seeing what she comes up with and the photos she takes, I've never felt compelled to do the same project for myself....until this week. I was talking with a friend of mine about the difficulties of balancing work, children, taking care of a know, all the things us Moms deal with on a daily basis, and when thinking about these things I was struck by the thought of how quickly time passes, how big the kids are already, and how rarely I ever take photos anymore or write in my journal (something I used to do daily...I haven't written in over a year!) Before I know it, they'll be teenagers and I won't be able to remember the cute things they used to do and the silly things they use to say or how a regular week went. So...I have embarked on a journey to take photos this week and yes, I'm going to create a scrapbook of the photos and I will journal about the week!! I've even purchased my album and some paper (I mean I work at a scrapbook store, how can I not scrapbook!!) Today, since my time in the craft room has been limited this week, I'm going to post some of my favorite photos from the past few days. The one above is of my youngest, passed out cold on our ride home from MA last night. My husband's grandmother passed away a week ago and yesterday was her memorial service. We had a long day driving down to his parents, having dinner with family from near and far (Hi Tanya, it was great to see you!!), and then a long drive home. Incredibly, both of my boys were out cold by 8pm...something that never happens! Maybe I should run 'em like crazy every day...Having all that time to myself last night was delightful! ;-) My oldest with my IPod...he's obsessed with anything electronic (funny, the younger one could care less!). Bean (my oldest, yes, this is what I tend to call him) could proficiently work a PC by the time he was two, including figuring out how to find web sites he had visited by typing in the first letter of the web site URL. He just "gets" computers... Little C "crafting." I adore this face, it's his "I'm a little worried" face. He was trying to work the stapler but he couldn't figure out how to push the stapler all the way down. He's definitely my sensitive, easily worried one and that face makes me want to hug him! Me with my super short, super light hair cut. (I look like my mother...) It's a little too short but I like the lighter color...This photo makes me think that I need a real camera. The brand new Tim Holtz display at work..New stamps sets and dies! And I promise, I only bought one die (already bought the stamp sets! hee hee) The grave site...With my SIL, son, and nephew. It was a lovely service...and a day with spectacular weather. And a great photo of my hubby (on the right) with his brother and sister. (Yes, Mom I'll send these to you!!) :-) I met my hubby through my now BIL who I worked with at the first job I had when I moved from NY to MA. My BIL and I became friends quickly, he's a sweetie, and I'm sure I became the apple of his eye after spilling a cup of coffee all over my PC. (He was the IT guy...and over the past 11 years he's had to fix many of my PC problems. As a matter of fact the laptop I'm on right now was his. He gave it to me after I ruined yet another hard drive. *insert sheepish grin*) My SIL flew in (she lives in another state and is a budding fiction writer...for real!) for the memorial service, surprising my was great! And now I'm off to take more photos and get my kiddies to the hair dresser for their own short summer cut!! Be back tomorrow with something crafty!! Enjoy and check out Ali's site...maybe consider creating your own Week in the Life.


Helen Dooley said...

What a beautiful family. I get the whole overwhelming scrap thingy- I try but... SO I stick to cards which I do okay. Just out meeting new people. Thanks for sharing!

Laura O'Donnell said...

great job with the photo, Kim!

haircut looks great, too!