Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SALT Challenge - Sheep of His Flock

This week it was Gina's turn to set the SALT challenge and her word was sheep or most specifically the Sheep of His flock. You can read Gina's write up on the SALT blog. Throughout Scripture, there are numerous references to Jesus being the Good Shepherd and those who trust in Him as the sheep. I love the picture that conjures up....In Biblical times (and probably even today), shepherding was serious work. A shepherd had to watch over the flock to ensure that none of them were lost or dragged away by predators. It's almost like a parent would watch over a child. In this way, we see that Christ watches over those that follow Him, loving them, caring for them, and protecting them. I choose John 10:27 as my verse this week and it reads, "My sheep hear My voice and I know them and they follow Me." In Matthew Henry's commentary he writes that Christians "hear Christ's voice; they discern it. They delight in it, are in their element when they are sitting at His feet to hear His word." In the second section about Christ knowing His sheep, Henry points out, "He (being Christ) distinguishes them from others. He knows their wants and desires, knows their souls in adversity, where to find them, and what to do for them." It's more than a casual knowing like we might "know" someone at work. The Good Shepard knows His sheep inside and out. The last part of the verse, follow Me, rings of the gentle command that Christ gave all of His disciples. Henry again states, "they (Christians) follow him; they submit to His guidance by a willing obedience to all His commands. The word of command has always been "follow Me." We must eye Him as our leader and captain, and tread in His steps, and walk as He walked." In an anxious world where it's hard to find trustworthy leaders or sometimes even friends, co-workers, family members, etc., it's good to know that Christ will never leave, will never forsake those He loves. Even if everyone you held dear were to turn against you, Christ would not. There is great comfort in that fact!! This week my project is a small trinket box, created using chipboard squares and a cardstock center. The stamps, which I just adore (aren't they fantastic) are from Cornish Heritage Farms. The sky and ground were colored with Copics and I really love the aged look they give when combined with Stampin' Up!'s Sahara Sand cardstock. A perfect combination with my antique sheep! Enjoy and may you find comfort in the great Shepherd today!


Chantal said...

It is very nice what you do. I allways loved art, crafts. It is God's creation whenever someone creates beautiful things, like you do. I beleive with today's life, it is nice to know that I am never alone, God is with me allways. I agree with what you said.

Hazel said...

What a lovely, special little box, Kim - and a good choice of verse x

jules p said...

Your blog brought me to tears this morning.
I forget (often) that Jesus/God are right here with me. They are watching over me. Thanks! You inspire me to be a better Christian.

I love the little box. I have a sheep punch of Martha Stewart that I am going to use!