Friday, April 3, 2009

OK, so I'm desperate...

My stamp room has been painfully neglected lately. It's so bad that I'm posting a card from years ago that I can't remember if I shared or not! If it's been over a year since something was posted on a blog, can it count as new? LOL! I'm hoping you'll forgive me if you've seen this one already...I plan to be back with new and exciting cards very soon! This card was created way back when I purchased one of the first Papertreyink sets. (The butterfly is PTI and the background, sentiment, and flowers are from Stampin' Up!) The woven background was created by first stamping random floral images on a piece of white cardstock. I then cut the cardstock into thin strips and wove the paper together. Once I had the size I wanted I snipped all of the ends to make them into an even rectangle. (I happened upon this weaving idea after having a bunch of thin strips of paper left over after making a card. I was sitting at my craft table fooling around with them and noticed that they were very easy to weave together. The weight of the cardstock holds the strips together quite well.) The flower, sentiment, and butterfly were added to top. I wish I had a better photo of this card (I scanned this image) because the flower is embossed and each image is mounted with dimensional tape so it's not quite as "flat" in real life! :-) Well it's Friday night and I'm off to spend some down time with my hubby!! Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!


Dianne said...

It's a beautiful card...I haven't seen it before...and I really like it!

Hazel said...

Well I've never seen it before - and am glad you showed it - I love it x

Jolette said...

It's a beautiful card!
Nice coulors.
In Dutch we call it: Vet.
It means very cool!!!!