Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lime Tart Sketch and an Exciting PS!

I'm running a bit behind with this post as the cards are already up on the Lime Tart blog but here are my contributions to the January sketch challenge. You can check out all the other designs here.

All images by justjohanna...don't you just love the "I don't do mornings" statement. That would fit me to a tee...I prefer to stay up half the night and sleep until noon. Unfortunately, my life doesn't allow for such a schedule...but it sure would be nice if it did, just sometimes. :-)

Not much time for lots of card details tonight, feel free to post a comment with a question if you have any pertaining to the cards above. And now for the exciting PS...

I received word last night that a card I submitted is going to be published in the Cards Magazine in June! This is the first time one of my creations will be published -'s the first time I've ever submitted something so I was super shocked that it was picked - and I am so excited! Once the magazine has been published I'll be able to post my card on the blog to share with everyone.
Thank you to everyone out there who daily serves as an inspiration to me. There's no doubt that I have learned so much from reading what is shared online from the most generous community of stampers! You guys rock!


Julie Masse said...

Kim that is awesome!!! Huge congrats!! I cant wait to see your name in print!! :) Your cards are CUTE TOO!!

Emilia said...

Congrats on the publication! You are awesome!
These cards are cute!

Heather Grow said...

Love the color combo and what you did with the sketch.

Godelieve said...

Great news about the magazine!! Congrats! Your cards are great!