Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Si Minuscule et Merveilleux

No...I'm not taking up French! (I actually took three years of French in high school and don't remember a thing! LOL!) I thought a French title would work well with my justjohanna Eiffel Tower image. (If you're curious...the title means "So tiny and marvelous!" I'm referencing this adorable image from jj, of course!)

This was one of my biggest jj challenges yet....Using this one image (a sentiment could be used as well) to create a card. It's a very small image, maybe an 1.25" in height. (Johanna has a large Eiffel Tower image too, which is just as fun!) In one of those late night, laying awake in bed thinking, "what in the world am I going to create with that image", moments, the lightbulb went on! Why not use the image multiple times, in a row? So that's what I did!

For some reason I really liked the image on gray paper so I went with two colors of gray cardstock and a black card base. The paper colors are simply alternated to achieve the final effect. (You should have seen me cutting and lining up the tower image!) The background pieces of paper have been "Cuttlebug'd" and a few black brads were added to hold the Eiffel Tower images in place. Oh la la...

So the moral of the story? Trying to figure out what to do with a small image can be daunting but small iamges are perfect for using multiple times on a single card! (I've seen this done brillantly by Emily Gunnell, over at Icing on the Card, with a tiny jj cupcake!)

Happy Creating!

All images by justjohanna
Cardstock & brads by Stampin' Up!

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Godelieve said...

It turned out great Kim! Love the positive/negative effect of the colors and the CB background! Really fabulous card!