Thursday, July 5, 2012

Where's Kim?

You know like where's Waldo?  It's been hard to find me lately...I'm still alive and kicking and have actually been fairly busy crafting but it's nothing I can share yet...darn. 

And my poor hubby, we believe, has torn his meniscus.  Ouch!  He's been babying his knee for a few weeks but he did something much worse to it (note to self, do not stretch when one's knee is very sore) earlier this week.  It's difficult for him to walk now and so I sent him to the doctor today.  No news yet but an MRI on Monday to figure out what to do about the, keep knee elevated for many months...we don't know but having my better half down has definitely put a kink in my crafting as I need to care for him and my two young ones.  (My days of crafting while my husband puts my kids to bed has been put on hold!)

I promise to be back soon...just need to find some time to fit in my crafting!!  Oh, I will be able to share new Sweet 'n Sassy creations on Monday!  WooHoo!!  Be sure to check back on Monday for all the blog hop details.  Until then, thank you so much for your patience!

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Chrisd said...

Hope he will be feeling better before long least after the diagnosis you will know more.