Monday, June 4, 2012

There's No Such Thing

I almost wanted to title today's post, "Always a Bridesmaid..."  LOL!  I wasn't selected for the CAS DT this time around (snagged a guest spot) and I was a little disappointed as I've tried out four times...sigh four times.  Funny, I don't try out for many teams.  One, I'm really happy being on the teams I'm currently on and two, there isn't a long list of teams I'm super excited about (well some I'm excited about but know I don't stand a chance or they're teams that don't post public calls...they hand select designers) but the CAS team...humm...that's one I really want and it's tough to make it to the very end, yet again, and not be selected.  However, I am really excited for two designers who did make the team as they've tried out along side me every three months, they're both very talented designers, and I'm giddy for them.  So for now I'm happy with my guest spot and maybe I'll try out again...we'll see...a girl can only handle so much rejection!  LOL!

Today's card was my final submission, which funny enough was selected as one of last week's CAS favorites.  This sweet stamp is from The Cat's Pajamas.  The challenge for this card was to use paper piecing on a portion of the image and I used designer paper, from My Minds Eye, on the sheep's scarf and pockets.  I adore the sentiment and loved the final outcome of this card.  The tag was created using a Tim Holtz die; the paper is also from My Minds Eye.  I dyed the ribbon with my Copic markers so that it would match the background color of the cardstock. 

Enjoy today's card and check back with me in three months...we'll see if I've "recovered" enough to try out for the team again!! :-)


Tenia Nelson said...

Girlie.....I just LOVE this card!! And WILL be on the CAS team in no rock!! You have mad awesome crazy skills....and you know this!! Hope all is well and have a great day!!

Kim S said...

You are so talented! The winners this time are too. I've decided that the decision makers must flip a coin when it gets to the end because there is no way to make that choice. I'm also impressed you keep trying. I tried once...made it through the first rounds, then was disappointed and never went back. You are spectacularly talented and will get there!

Monika/Buzsy said...

What a bummer Kim! I was really rooting for you girl! You are awesome with CAS designs (and with anything you make)! Don't give up though! Next time! :o)
I love the soft shading and the paper pieceing on this.