Friday, October 16, 2009

For Today...October 16, 2009

Notice the quart size Ziploc bag filled with toothpase, etc. and the lunch boxes? When I was headed out to CHA, the boys decided they were going to "pack their bags" as well and come along! Ali Edwards had a neat post today that I thought I'd copy...It is based upon inspriation from The Simple Women's Day Book. Outside my window...A blanket of pine needles and seven hundred million acorns and pine cones. I am thinking...about what 2010 will bring and how in the world I'm ever going to find time to decorate our new house. Hey...I unpacked the clothes... I am thankful children and my husband. It's too easy to get bogged down in the every day details and chaos involved in running a household and a business but I am so thankful that God has blessed me with a loving husband and two dear children and I need to remember that each and every moment of every day. From the kitchen...Lately, it's been filled with Rice Krispie treats...They're evil I tell you, pure evil...but I can't stay away from them...I might even steal them from my children's hands if they're not paying attention... I am wearing...Jeans, that are finally looser after dropping a few pounds, and a big comfty sweater because it's getting far too old outside! I am class supplies for a stamping class I'm teaching at Wholly Scrap tomorrow! I am the scrapbook store in a few minutes - yippee! I am reading...Feelings and Faith by Brian S. Borgman, a book that weaves together biblical exposition and practical application to demonstrate how emotions relate to the Christian life. I am hoping...that I can learn from recent mistakes . I am boys arguing over who has what cars. Good thing Grammie is with them!
One of my favorite things...watching my children sleep and spending quality alone with my hubby. A picture to share...I love how handsome and mature my boy looks here. This was a completely unposed shot. Enjoy your weekend! And why not play along with these questions for today...This exercise would make for a great scrapbook page too!


Julie Masse said...

How sweet! Great post! :)

Donna Marie said...

Interesting...What a great way to slow down and really be greatful!!
Thanks for is always good talking to you...thanks for the friendship :-)

Emilia said...

Can't believe they did pack the box (with toothpast...ha ha ha) and go with you to CHA...They are so cute!
I love the last picture too!Your boy is really adorable and handsome!