Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Baby Building Blocks

Remember that baby gift I mentioned in Sunday's post...Here it is! This is a set of mini wooden blocks and a wood carrying case that I made for Ms. Julie's newest addition to the family. Isn't it fun? And as much as I adore this gift, I can not take credit for the idea...One of the Odd Bird Planet's design team members posted some photos of a similar project on her blog a few weeks ago. You can check out Emilia's creation here. (Sorry Julie, Emilia's brain is much more creative than mine! LOL!)
These blocks are very small, about an inch and a half square. I picked up a bag of them at my local super craft store and they only required two coats of acrylic paint to finish them. (I didn't know Julie was having a boy or I would have gone for a blue theme!) Once the blocks were dry, I used Memento ink to stamp the images on each side of each block. All of the images used are from Odd Bird Planet.
One of the fun things about these blocks is that you can match up sentiments and images. Here is the "tea time" sentiment separated onto two blocks and matched up with the tea cup. In the image above, there "cupcake pirate" and "'lil pumpkin." I am quite convinced that OBP stamps are the absolute perfect stamp for this kind of project...far too much fun finding all of the matches! And the owls and gnomes...oh, just stop me...they too cute!!
The only slight downside is that the baby can't play with these until he promises not to eat the blocks as a snack. I'm pretty sure acrylic paint isn't healthy for growing babies! I guess this will leave Julie, and the other Masse kiddies, with the task of making all the matches for awhile... :-) Enjoy!


Laura O'Donnell said...

what a nice present!

Godelieve said...

Fantastic! What a terrific idea!

emilia in Taiwan said...

Can't believe I missed this post (which has my name on it) Thank you for the compliment!!
PS ...I think I was too busy with my pregnancy thing back then...LOL