Friday, May 22, 2009

Back to Normal...Almost

We're in our new home!! Although it's not technically ours yet...confused? Yeah, we were yesterday at our closing as well. Turns out our sellers failed to get part of the deed from our land settled with the town. Translation - we didn't actually buy our house yesterday! Talk about a tense three hour meeting...Thankfully, the sellers allowed us to move into the house anyway with the understanding that we'll close in another week. So right now we're calling ourselves squatters since we're living in a house that doesn't belong to us! LOL! It's been an interesting couple of days! After two days at two different hotels our boys are now snug in their beds...Our youngest kept asking where our house was and why someone else was in our (old) house. He spent the first hour in our new house playing in his firetruck bed. I think they're both relieved to see their belongings again and finally have life almost back to normal... Stamping will be on hold for a bit as it will take me some time to unpack all of my goodies, however, I managed to get a bunch of cards created before we moved so I'm looking forward to sharing! And it's my turn to set the SALT challenge next week so keep an eye out for the wonderful work of our design team! Well it's 9:30 pm here and I'm ready for sleep...Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!


Tanis said...

SO glad that worked out, sorta!!

I'm sure you can't wait until everything is ALL DONE!!

But YAY, you're in!
I bet it feels GREAT!

jules p said...

glad to hear that things are heading back to "normal".

good luck