Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My One Time Political Rant

I was not a huge supporter of McCain, and Palin, well...the idea of her being VP kind of freaks me out but not as much as Obama being our President. The more I find out about him, the more concerned I am....Please, if you're on the fence about which candidate to go with, do even a small amount of research on Obama's experience, past, and speeches. They all point towards a man who is not really concerned about the safety of our country or the citizens of our beautiful and free nation but towards furthering his own agenda. We may need change in our country but you must ask yourself what change is Obama really going to bring to America...He has a questionable background and has been surrounded by very questionable mentors for the past 20 years. I wanted to share just two items I've recently found on Obama; First, an online test that discusses all of the hot topics. There is an opportunity to select an answer and then find out if you agree with the changes Obama is suggesting. It's worth the five minutes to take the test to make sure you a) know where he stands on the issues and b) to see if you agree or disagree. Second, a You Tube video where it appears that Obama's camp and/or supporters have taught children to sing the praises of their "savior" Obama. To teach children that a human being is a savior is disturbing and just one of the harbingers that hearken back to pre-war Germany. It's creepy... I believe that this may be one of the most important elections in our history. I long to remain an American citizen who enjoys the safety and freedom to live as I choose, without the government's involvement. We don't need more "help" from the government that will only further enslave and bankrupt the American public. Thank you for allowing me to voice my political concerns on my normally happy crafting blog. This isn't a normal occurance for me, nor do I intend to post more political opinions here but the video with the kids pushed me over the edge! :-) We'll be back to our regularly programmed card posts tomorrow...


Pere Ubu said...

The Audacity of Deceit
by Brad O'Leary

His soaring rhetoric offers "change." He promises a utopian administration of unity, bipartisanship, and compromise that will bring about this "change." In reality, however, he is a Far-Left political hack and hustler whose policies could do nothing less than destroy America as we know it. As President, Barack Obama could bring back President Jimmy Carter's rock-bottom economy of double-digit inflation and unemployment, throwing millions into poverty and ending once and for all the great sustained wave of prosperity that Ronald Reagan set in motion.

Yeah, there's an impartial source for evaluating Barack Obama's policies, shurenuff.

jules p said...

Your words to God's ear. I pray for our safety during and mainly after this election.
Thanks for loving us enough to share it. And for trusting us with your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your "political rant". This is such a dangerous person and the fact that the media appears to be "in the tank" for him is so scary for the future of our country. I hope everyone will take some time to really look into his background. Thanks for letting me "rant". Gilda M