Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Christmas Flashback

I know, I're thinking that you can't bear to think about the holidays again! I'm with you! But I just had to share this of the last cards created in 2007 using justjohanna images!

This was another one of those "tricky" challenges where we could use the scroll image and any other justjohanna image to create a card. At the time I didn't have many jj stamps so it was indeed a challenge for me. My starting point was to simply stamp the scroll image and then sit at my studio table and stare at it...willing myself to come up with something brillant! LOL!

I figured using holiday paper would be a good start so I grabbed some Stampin' Up! holiday paper and started cutting. Once I had a few pieces of paper cut, I started playing with layouts. And then the "ah-ha" moment hit! I don't have to use the scroll horizontally, it can be attached vertically too! (OK, I know this isn't a real stretch for most...) Then digging through my jj stamps I found this adorable Flying Al stamp, which happens to also include a bunch of stars overhead with the owl image. Hum...she thinks some more...I could have Al hanging onto the scroll and cut out those teeny, tiny stars to put on the scroll...pure genius! :-)

That's about the whole story to my card making...just added some piercing, some aging (you all know I simply cannot live without aging), and some gold brads...oh yeah, and a handy dandy "Joy to the World!"

EnJOY and Happy Creating!


Erin K said...

Those challanges are hard sometimes arn't they! But it's good to streatch ourselves right?

And in this card's case it was very good, this is darling! :)

Heather Grow said...

I that you shared your thought process, Kim. I do the same thing sometimes with assignments. I just stare at my images wondering how the heck I'm going to pull it off.