Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bi-Weekly SALT Challenge - GOD'S PROMISES

This week it was Gillian's turn to set the challenge for the SALT team and she gave us "God's Promises." You can read her description below:

"So many times we are guilty of breaking promises, or have been on the other end of a broken promise, but what a wonderful blessing to know that when God makes a promise it's steadfast. We'd love to see what Promise from God you choose to use as your basis for your challenge so leave us a comment when you are finished your piece, so that we and others may see your work."

I chose to create a chipboard tag book for this challenge. I thought it would be a wonderful way to capture a few scripture verses that focus on some of God's promises. I used every other page to state the promise, for example, Hope, and then used the opposite page for a scripture verse.

This was a big project, using many different elements so I won't list them all here but I'll cover the basics. I used Basic Gray paper, "Perhaps", to cover all of my chipboard. The wonderful thing about the Basic Gray 6"x6" pads is that all of the papers coordinate so achieving a consistent look is a peice of cake! The huge time saver was being able to use a book of pre-printed scripture verses that I picked up at Walmart months ago. All I had to do was cut and paste (and PS - Anyone have any good ideas on how to attach vellum with some sort of glue that isn't visible?? A glue stick worked fairly well but I still had some issues...) I then used all sorts of embellishments and images to decorate my book. The best part? See that very cool face on the front cover of the book? That was handmade by my sweetest friend, and SALT team member who set today's challenge, Gillian! (I have more to share on her fantastic creations later this week...)

I have many pictures to share of the book, a few more below, and as soon as I can get them uploaded to my online photo album I'll pass along the link. All of us at SALT would love to have you play along and create something based on this week's challenge. Please visit the site and leave us a comment with a link back to your blog or online gallery. Thanks!!

Looking forward to seeing what you all create!!

Sweet dreams!


Godelieve said...


Scripture by Design said...

Great way of sharing so many of God's awesome promises with us. Love it :)

Gillian :O) said...

Kim it's just BEAUTIFUL!
I love that you've used many promise verses, I really love how you've used the 'statement' word opposite the verse like that.
I can imagine you reading this to your children as they grow, What a Treasure! how you've used the pin, you made my day!

Hazel said...

This is looking so good, Kim - beautiful work - what a wonderful way to share God's promises. I feel humbled to be part of the Salt team with you talented girls.

laurie serino said...

You book is beautiful !! They do have a product that Scotch makes called vellum tape that you can't see through vellum. I am excited about this challenge because my son was baptized last week and i'm going to make a scrapbook page with the pictures ! I'll let you know when it's finnished.

amanda said...

I wish I could hold touch this. It is really creative and I'm sure quite fun to make. How clever using chipboard.

Karen L said...

This is just stunning - I love how you have used these promises. What a wonderful gift it would make too. Might have to try making one of these.

stamp and scrape said...

This is Fantastic - how did you know when to stop with God's promises? Beautiful images and colours.Thanks for sharing the other pages.
Have you tried Making Memories Vellum glue? It works well for me if really thinly spread. I've heard xyron machine things work well too.