Monday, March 30, 2015

Life Book Lesson 13

It's time for another Life Book project!  And this one is by far one of my favorites!!  The lesson was taught by Juliette Crane.  I have a feeling that she's going to quickly become another one of my favorite mixed media artists.  Her work is all flowy and free form and she has a way to making drawing very accessible to those of us who are "drawing challenged."  For example, all of her animal drawings start out the exact same way...a circle and a rectangle.  Yeah, I think I can get behind those directions!

The other thing I loved about her work was how much she painted with her hands.  Finger painting is for me!  I'm will absolutely never be a fine artist...I simply don't have those natural talents nor the time to develop them, but give me some paint and no real rules?  Now that makes me happy!

This painting started with a background that I randomly covered with four different colors of paint.  (I used Dina Wakley's 'em!)  I then used the same four colors and started adding more paint with my finger tips...I just globbed and smooshed paint all over (oh, and I did add a bit of tissue paper first).  Then I added some darker blue around the edges, a touch of white, and the yellow for the moon.
The owl and branch was drawn with a Stabilo pencil and then I added paint (using my fingers and a palette knife).  I did need to go over the lines of my drawing a few more times and then I would activate the pencil with a water brush.  Just check out all of that gorgeous texture on the's dreamy!  I added a tiny bit of text stamping and then hand stamped by verse.  Unlike last week's lesson, which took me almost two weeks to complete, this project was finished in one evening.  I may go back and add a few more details (I'm always afraid of doing too much so I need to "sit" with this for a few days), but I just loved Juliette's style and I am definitely going to create more whimsical creatures...I can hardly wait!

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