Friday, February 13, 2015

Life Book Week 6

Sharing my latest Life Book project for week 6.  This was a super fun project, taught by Tamara Laporte, even if it made me realize that I'm not a doodler! LOL!  I know some find it relaxing, but I'm far too Type A personality to sit still for long enough to doodle. piece has the basic outline of some flowers, with minimal doodling.  What I did adore about this piece was the color blocking.  Oh man, those areas of bold, bright colors is just amazing.  I liked the color blocking so much that I created some new journal pages incorporating this idea...will share those once that project is completed.  The one thing I would change about this page is that my black lines need to be thicker.  Time to go on the hunt for a thicker black marker...Hello, Fude Ball?  We need a wider marker tip! (Fude Ball pens really are the bomb for writing over paint...perfection!)

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Very uplifting color choice.