Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Roses

Tap, tap....is this thing on? It's been painfully quiet here on the 'ol blog...from me and from those out there in blogland! I'm not one who worries much about comments but I have become a bit curious if folks are still reading...Anyone? Bueller? Well, it's been quiet from me too! I feel like we've been so busy lately...not with anything in particular, just enjoying the warm (or should I say hot) and long summer days. Even though I have a bizillion craft projects to complete, I'm finding it hard to get back into the studio. I want to just hang out on a beach somewhere and catch up on my reading! But...I did manage to sneak in last night to produce a card showcasing a brand new Sweet 'n Sassy stamp set! Let me introduce you to the Smell the Flowers stamp set, which contains this sweet rose and vase image along with six sentiments for just $11.00! And I love how Korin has included the perfect sentiments for this set; Happy Mother's Day, Best Wishes, and other friend-related sayings....a wonderful pairing for a vase full of flowers. I paired my image with some fun Jillibean Soup paper, rhinestones from Little Yellow Bicycle, and a happy birthday tag. Oh, button and ribbon are from Papertreyink. Enjoy and be sure to stop by the Sweet 'n Sassy web site to see all of the new releases!!


Prismadonna said...

Hi Kim,
We're still out here. This is the 1st time I've even checked my blog in 3 weeks. These summer months are always jammed up and just not enough hours in the day. I start teaching my first Copics class tonight so I've been preoccupied with that too. I'll get back into the swing of things in the Fall.

Leah said...

Hi Kim! I'm still here too and so enjoy seeing your creations:) Sorry if I don't always comment. I love this card! I need to ink up that set:)

Kathy Winter said...

Hi Kim. This is a beautiful card. I love roses.

I looked on your blog for your email addy and couldn't find it, and I would be honored to have you share my "sisters" card on Sunday spotlight. Thank you so much.


Chrisd said...

I enjoy reading you too. The busy time of the year plus the humidity in many places =tired readers. What a nice set from SweetnSassy. I don't have this set but I love the sets I own.Hugs from Michigan

Anonymous said...


I read your blog every day! Your cards are the best! Looking forward to class tomorrow night!

Pam A.