Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Monday!

Wow! Have I been slacking on the blog posts or what? My first week back after what seemed like a month long vacation from work and crafting, was as expected - busy! :-) I was so busy that I completely forgot about the SALT post until a team member happened to post a message about it to the group, forgot to place an order for a class I'm teaching this Friday, and failed to post much last week! I need an secretary! LOL! I was also working on a 10-year wedding anniversary present for my hubby that I'll share later this week...just need to get some photos taken. For today...I'll leave you with yet another black and cream creation using my Odd Bird Planet stamps. And speaking of Odd Bird're going to want to check in here and on Johanna's blog during this week...we have some exciting news to share soon!! Until then...enjoy your Monday!!

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