Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Document the Everyday

Hi friends! I'm back today with another art journal layout. This is one that I created as a sample for my Art Journaling Made Simple class, that took place at the beginning of October.

The goal of the class was to create three different backgrounds, and then work to add layers on to the pages to create finished pieces.

This spread started with a layer of Wendy Vecchi embossing paste and a circle stencil from Donna Downey, named Grunge Halftone Dots. (Click on product names to be linked to stores that sell the mentioned supplies) 

Once the paste was dry I added color with a few ink sprays and watered down paint, which I allowed to drip towards the center of the journal.

Next, I added another layer using Donna Downey's Numbers Repetitive stencil. (Side note: I have to add that I adore Donna's stencils...great designs and the perfect size for art journals. The generous 8x8 design makes it the perfect fit for most journals!) I used Jet Black Archival Ink and a blending tool to add the stencil design. The last layer, before my collage was added, was some orange spottie dots, created with Golden Liquid Acrylics and a brush. I love the pop of orange against the background.

The last step was to create the photo collage, which is really just a combination of a bunch of scraps I had sitting on my desk. The photo is from Tim's Found Relatives collection, and the Noted card is also from Tim, the Pocket Cards. All of the other pieces are just random bits of ribbon, a die cut that I painted orange, a piece of cardboard, and a manila tag with bits of stenciling and text paper. It's a lot of fun to gather together a bunch of random pieces and make them all fit together...it's like a super artsy puzzle! 

After the collage was finished, I added a quote, "Document the Everyday," using stickers from my giant alphabet sticker stash. The circle around the quote was created using a Stabilo pencil, and then tracing over the pencil with a waterbrush.

That's it for today's art journaling installment...hope you enjoyed!!

In other news...

My Art Journaling Basics class at Michaels in Epping is this Friday! Details here. We'll be making this art journal cover:

Personal news...We are moving to CT, my friends! Our house sold, after being on the market only two weeks...it's nothing short of a miracle! We're now in the process of looking for housing, starting to wrap our minds around packing (oh, how I dislike it), and trying not to think about how sad it's going to be to leave our friends and family. We're excited about new opportunities, but sure wish leaving our loved ones wasn't so hard...Stay tuned for more details! I'll only be teaching a few more classes in November and then it will be the start of a new journey!!


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