Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Life Book 2015 - Week 30 with Flora Bowley

Hello strangers! I has been ages since I've regularly posted on my blog. There have been some big changes happening over here in the Paperie Petals world, and I'm hoping that those changes will enable me to spend more time making art and more time sharing art.

The biggest change is that I sold my store, eclectic Paperie! In case you haven't heard, the store was acquired by The Funkie Junkie Boutique. You can read all about the news here. I'm super excited about the sale and thrilled that eP's ever loyal customer base still has a wonderful place to shop for their craft supplies. If you've never shopped at The Funkie Junkie, you should check out the store, they have a broad variety of products for paper crafters.

The other big change is that my hubby lost his job a few months ago. He was with his company for 17 years and the sudden lay off was a huge shock. Thankfully, he received a great severance package. However, this means that after almost seven years he will most likely be back in an office each day vs. working from home. This means that my time needs to be even more dedicated to homeschooling and managing our home. (It also means I won't be able to sneak out for coffee breaks with friends during the week...darn...LOL!) The layoff could also mean that we may have to move...hoping that's not the case as we love our location, but we're open to change...

So far...that's the only big changes...and it's enough for 2015...I'm good...**wink**

Let's get chatting about the recent Life Book lesson by Flora Bowley. Oh my...I think was my all time favorite Life Book lesson this year! This lesson was all about letting go and creating with lots and lots of layers. And this was the first time I kept layering. Can I share that I have a free of layering? Seriously, it's a problem! I tend to be ok with a few layers, but then I get stuck...and I did indeed get stuck with this I added another layer! And I love how this turned really was the shape that developed through the layers. Great fun!
You can see some of the marks under the orange paint. Oh, and this was the first time I understood the joys of transparent paint! The orange over the top, a Golden paint, was perfect for allowing all of the other layers to peek through. Most of the paints I used on this project were Golden, Paper Artsy, and Dina three top favorites.
And check out the texture! Ohhh!!  That was created by using dimensional paints from Art Anthology. I added the paint and then created a design by using a brush handle. Art Anthology paints are super thick and perfect for creating dimension. I also used stencils from Donna Downey and stamps from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and Dina Wakley. I'll post links to the supplies I used, at the end of my post.

I have one more project to share from this lesson, as Flora encouraged us to work on two pieces at once, another great piece of artistic advise, and I'll share that in the coming days.

Thanks for taking peek, leave me a note to let me know what you think and to share your tips for finishing pieces when you get stuck (it's seriously the hardest part for me!) Looking forward to sharing more in the coming days...

Stencils - Donna Downey

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