Thursday, February 26, 2009

29 Again?

Why yes, I am 29 again...have been for years now! LOL! How fantastic is that sentiment for a birthday card for any girlfriends who might be...ahem...a bit past the 29 point. Not that I would know anything about that... This is a very simple card, created ages ago and never posted, using one of my favorite Odd Bird Planet cupcake images. The cupcake has been paired with Basic Gray paper and a giant fabric flower from Stampin' Up! The charming sentiment is also Odd Bird Planet. (For a write up of the OBP product line, visit the Stamp NE blog sometime today, where they're being highlighted as one of the event sponors.) As for the answer to the "oopps, I did it again post" guys guessed right, it is a Britney Spears song. Now I confess, I have never listened to Britney Spears...honestly. However, years ago while flipping through the channels (I'm an obsessive channel flipper during commercials!) I stumbled upon the making of a video and it happened to be the Britney Spears video for this song. I watched for about five minutes and that darn song stuck in my head for was maddening! LOL! And now that I made this post and have brought up that painful memory...the one line from the song is now stuck in my head again...Sigh... Jules and Cindy, please contact me at with your shipping address and I'll send you along a few goodies for playing along. :-) Enjoy!


jules p said...

Super. Thank you so much.

That stupid song was stuck in my head for days. Thanks~ :)

My teens do not listen to her music.
I heard it will skipping through the stations. (like you)

Cindy said...

Thank you Kim for the blog candy! BTW, you're 29 with x amount of years least that's what I tell them :)