Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday Gifts - Coasters

Looking for a really inexpensive gift that is also lovely? You can use 4"x4" (approximate size) tiles from your local hardware store to create beautiful custom coasters. These are so easy to create and the design ideas are limitless! The coaster shown above was created for a class I taught a few weeks ago. Here's my method for creating these:

1) Purchase tiles from local hardware store, mine came from Lowes. I prefer a rougher finish, I believe these are tumbled marble. This finish is also easier to stamp on vs. a high gloss finish.
2) Wipe off any dust that may be on the tiles.
3) Use Stazon ink to stamp image. If you smudge the ink, you can remove Stazon with rubbing alcohol and then try again.
4) Allow ink to fully dry and then paint the image with a glass paint. I used Pebeo paint, which can be purchased at most craft supply stores. (Follow the manufacturer's directions for firing).
5) Be sure to cover all of the lines made by the Stazon with the paint. Once the piece has been fired in your oven, it will be oven and water proof. You can also use a spray sealant to make them waterproof.
6) Add cork or felt feet to the back of the coaster to finish your piece!

Below I've shown a set of coasters and matching box. I found this box at Walmart and the coasters fit perfectly! I simply painted the box with acrylic paint and stamped the outside. Piece of cake!

Happy Stamping!


Hazel said...

What a super idea - very effective!

Emilia said...

this is amazing and stunning! I love the simple and elegant style! and that box is from walmart? great match to the tile!

Sandra Smart said...

Your coasters are beautiful. Very nice job!

Zarah said...

So pretty!! :D