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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Decorated Die Cuts

Hello strangers! If anyone is still reading my blog...I'm sorry for the extremely long absence! We moved (yes, again!) in February and thought that purchasing a home that needed a lot of work was a good thing. LOL! It's actually been good, but a very long process. We're mostly done with a decent renovation of our downstairs, which included a new kitchen, bathroom, and gutting of a living room area, and life is finally getting back to a fairly normal pace. I have a darling craft area in the new place, but crafting has taken a back seat to the other work that needed to be finished. While there is still a lot of organizing work to be done in the crafty area, I'm at least able to finally sneak in a bit of fun time. I've so missed creating and am looking forward to getting back into a regular habit of posting. I have a brand new video to share to click the link below to learn more about today's cards! 


You Are Loved Card

Thinking of You Card